InLine Homogenizer HMX In-Line55


The HMX dispersing, homogenizing, and mixing equipment is set up for the manufacture of emulsions and suspensions with a broad range of viscosities.


  •   exchangeable homogenizer to achieve the optimum quality to homogenize a product
  •   a short switching on (up to 60% time saving)
  •   aseptic design-tools – makes cleaning fast and easy
  •   quick and easy dismantling of the homogenizer
  •   standard construction provides a quick delivery

technical data:

capacity: 8.000 l/h

capacity (kW): ca. 5,5 kW

rotation speed: 3.000 U/min

connection: inlet DN 50/ outlet DN 40


length x width x height: 76 x 28 x 38 cm

weight appr.: ca. 70 kg


standard power supply 400 V/3 phases, 50 Hz (further values upon request- voltage/frequency)


  •    All parts coming in contact with the product are made of stainless chrome-nickel-steel 1.4404, 1.4435/AISI 316L or 1.4571/AISI 316Ti
  •   Other parts are made of 1.4301/AISI 304
  •   EPDM- seals or other materials (FPM, etc.)

operating conditions:

  •   temperature: 0° –  140 °C
  •   humidity: 0 – 80%
  •   ambiente air: pur

All elements that are in contact with the product are easy to access and fast to removal.

The machine is easy to clean and maintain (in compliance with GMP standards), allows a quick and simple service.


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