MERCEDES-BENZ 1729 AK 4×4 4×4

Data sheet

Reference: SI80990
Vehicle type: Used car
First Registration: 1992-02
Driven KM: 42418 km
Operating hours: 2729 Std.
Gearbox: Manual gearbox
Power: 213 kW (290 PS)
Total weight: 18000kg
Kerb weight: 10140kg
Loading capacity: 7860kg

Vehicle description

  • ABS
  • all-wheel drive
  • differential lock front and rear axle
  • 12 -speed manual split transmission
  • auxiliary drive
  • roof air conditioner
  • steering column bracket adjustable
  • headlight range adjustment
  • fuel preheater
  • heated windshield
  • rear view mirror heatable
  • electric window lifter co-driver’s door
  • raise-up window
  • rear wall window
  • driver’s seat air suspensioned
  • seat covers of synthetic leather
  • additional lights
  • revolving flasher
  • battery disconnecting switch
  • central lubrication system
  • leaf springs
  • mounting plate for front snow plough
  • hydraulic connections in front and in the rear
  • trailer coupling Ringfeder

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