MAN TGS 26 360 6×2-2 BL

Data sheet

Chassis manufacturer MAN
Type of vehicle TGS 26.360 6×2-2 BL
Cab  M cab
Color orange
First registration  29.08.2014
mileage, approx. km 153.367
TÜV  07.2021
Power, kw 265
European standard 5
Clutch TipMatic
Tire size please see below
Number of axles 3
Distance between  1-2 axles 4.200
Distance between  2-3 axles 1.350
Distance between 3-4 axles 0
Total weight, kg 26,000
Payload, kg 8,010
Empty weight 17.990
Superstructure Brand Schmidt Kommunalfahrzeuge
SuperstructureType SKF 27U
Volume, m³  27,0


Built-in equipment

2 x discharges for biological products, weighing system superstructure Baron.

Chassis equipment

anti-lock braking system, traction control system, disc brake, differential lock, EDC (electronically controlled diesel), flame start device, directional, liftable and unloadable driven axle, rear axle with pneumatic damping, 400 liter aluminum tank + 35 liter AdBlue, parking brake, side protection, fog lamp, tire set 315/80 R 22,5 – 385/80 R 22,5, length/width/height/mm: 10.300/2.550/3.950.

Cab equipment

3-seater driver’s cab, driver’s comfort seat, adjustable steering wheel, starting aid, headlight range control, electrically adjustable and heated wide-angle mirror, free telephone system, automatic speed limiter, parking brake, roof hatch, sun visor, air conditioning, radio, electric window lifter, on-board computer.


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