Copper Paste

Technical Data

Basic      Oilmineral oil

Colour     copper

Consistency assignment (DIN 51818)      NLGI-Class 1

Thickener     aluminium complex soap

density     1,1 g/cm³

Solid lubricant     copper / graphite

Coefficient of friction     0,11 – 0,13

Friction total     0,12 μ

Friction thread     0,11 μ

Friction head bottom     0,13 μ

VKA-TEST (DIN 51350) welding load     3.200 N

Specific heat transfer capacity (20°C)     1,713 J/(g·K)

Thermal diffusivity (20°C)     0,208 mm²/s

Thermal conductivity (ISO 22007-4) (20°C)     0,392 W/m·K

Dielectric strength (DIN EN 60243-1) (20°C)     1,7 kV/mm

Kinematic viscosity basic oil (+40°C DIN 51562)     180 mm²/s



Copper Paste is corrosion resistant and strong. It contains no sulphur, lead or nickel.

Copper Paste is used as an assembly lubricant for all kinds of threaded joints and sliding surfaces. It forms an effective lubricating and separating film which protects the functional surfaces on plug-in tools, wear bushings, screws, and all kinds of threaded, plug-in and bayonet joints against corrosion and seizing.

It can be used to reduce vibration on brake blocks and guides, brake cams and pins, car and truck battery terminals and other electrical connections, wheel bolts and nuts, and on wear bushings at electrical, compressed air and hydraulic hammers. The product can be used in many industrial applications.


Apply a good quantity of Assembly Paste with a brush, cloth orplastic sponge.Processing press packRemove original closure. Regulate discharge by smooth turning ofthe cap from min. to max. Press the lever and process the medium.After having turned the cap into the “min.” position the valve closesautomatically and the product flow is stopped.

Available sizes:

Copper Paste 30 g

Copper Paste 85 g

Copper Paste 120 g

Copper Paste 200 ml

Copper Paste 400 g

Copper Paste 450 g

Copper Paste 500 g

Copper Paste 1,0 kg

Copper Paste 10,0 kg


Processing Spatula,

Processing Spatula,

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