Candle filter, sterile filter SEITZ  Schenk


Width 190 mm
Heigth 1290 mm
Catégorie :


Candle filter, sterile filter SEITZ  Schenk


with manometer, with butterfly valve

1 x Candle  L x W: 750  x 75 mm

Type: VELA Cart  ® A750-01C07

Code: 97/23/EG-AD

Container-no.: 243022.10-2

  1.        Year of construction: 2004
  2. ID:  SS
  3. Volume : 6,5 l

-TS-  min/max. permissible operating temperature: -10/100°C

-PS- max. permissible operating pressure: -10/10 bar

  1. Material: 316
  2. Lock: 1 x CA 0200 Q13

Measurements and Weight:

Width:        190 mm                   

Height:    1290 mm

Depth:     200 mm            


Informations complémentaires

Dimensions 19 × 129 cm


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