Anti-Seize Assembly Paste



Anti-Seize is used as a protecting, separating and lubricating agent for highly stressed parts. Ideally compatible solid contents and selected additives enable a wide range of usage.

Anti-Seize protects against corrosion, seizure and wear, stick-slip phenomena, oxidation, fretting corrosion and electrolytic reactions („cold welding“).


Apply a good quantity of Assembly Paste with a brush, cloth orplastic sponge.

Processing press pack

Remove original closure. Regulate discharge by smooth turning ofthe cap from min. to max. Press the lever and process the medium.After having turned the cap into the “min.” position the valve closesautomatically and the product flow is stopped.

On threads it is important that Assembly Paste is applied down tothe thread root to ensure a good sealing effect. Assembly Pastemust not be mixed


Keep container tightly closed. Do not store together with oxidizingagents. Store in a dry place at storage temperature. Originalcontainer are storable for 24 months.


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