Manual bottle filler for 0,33-1 or 2 litre bottles, 2 head filler H4

Manual Bottle Filler H4

The filler comes with two filling stations. It consists of a pressure tank (filler bowl),

pressure gauge/relief valve, sight glass, CO² or Nitrogen inlet valve, product inlet valve, float switch/valve, bottle pads, tension

springs and bottle safety shields.

The filler works on the basis of pressure balance. The filler bowl is counter pressurized with either CO² or Nitrogen through the

ball valve. The counter pressure can be easily done by directly adding CO² or Nitrogen from a cylinder complete with regulator

and hose.

The beer can slowly flow into the pressure tank (filler bowl) due to the escape of the already present pressure. This can be

observed in the sight glass located at the side of the filler bowl and the sound of the CO² blowing off from the float switch.

When the beer has reached its maximum level in the pressure tank, the float switch shuts automatically. This will stop the beer

from entering into the filler bowl. The filling of the bottles can begin.

Place a cold rinsed bottle between the filling valve and the bottle pad (tension spring). Then press the hand lever/safety guard

downwards. This will activate the filling valve to counter pressure/fill the bottle.

Repeat the above mentioned procedure for the rest of the filling stations. Once all the filling stations have been placed, go

back to the first filling station and remove the bottle.

For the filling of bottles from 1 litre up and Syphon bottles, we have to

charge for each filling position an additional price of € 295,–

All H4 filler can be fitted with the following mentioned add-on’s

  •  semi automatic pneumatic crowner € 1.820,–
  •  5 l tin – can filler € 2.800,–
  •  3 l magnum bottle € 3.050,–
  •  CIP-Station with cauting tank and heating € 4.035,–
  •  cleaning cup per filling station € 101,–

Data sheet

Length 31.50 inch
Width 19.69 inch
Heigth 66.93 inch



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