Description: Heidelberg Tiegel

used machine

Heidelberg pressure crucible 26x38cm
Built in 1955 with a stamping plate and 3 closing frames + newly inserted washing ratchet and newly inserted paint roller.
The machine stands on a screwed square wood and can be easily charged with a pallet truck.

Rotaprint R37 K with a numbering printer
The numbering tools with seat rings and switching curves, as well as a perforating device with seat rings and switching curves
The accessories include a counter-pressure plate for clamping and two pairs of tensioning strips for rubber blankets

Printing plate exposure device of the company Sack Apparatebau.

As an accessory of the Rotaprint a printing plate punch for unforforated covered printing plates

Also for sale:
• Pressure cloth regulator of VARN 2×10 L container, as well as 2×5 L
• Paint roller washing paste Pur-o-Past 3×1 kg (very good roller cleaner for a quick color change)
• Novaglos 195 RT black
• Novalux 195 RT black
• Pressure lacquer Novavit 2211 2×1 kg all K+E

Following printing blankets from Vulkan (for different printing areas)

• Thickness 1,68mm; Format 560x703mm (2 pieces with sidebar)
• Thickness 1.70mm; Format 560x703mm (12 pieces with sidebar)
• Thickness 1.70mm; Format M93555 520x650mm (1 piece)
• Thickness 1.69mm; Format 560x673mm (1 piece)
• Thickness 1,68mm; Format 560x703mm (2 pieces)
• Thickness 1,95mm; Format 682x565mm (6 pieces)
• Thickness 1.70mm; Format 520x650mm (2 pieces with sidebar)
• Thickness 1,95mm; Format 475x520mm (4 pieces)
• thickness h1,70mm; Format 620x436mm (4 pieces)

For Heidelberger KORD

• Thickness 1,95mm; Format 677x525mm (6 pieces)

Then there are numbering units with wheels back and down for book printing!
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